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Trust cannot be demanded, it has to be earned

Trusting someone to manage your wealth, whether you’re an individual, an intermediary or an institution, demands faith and confidence. We know that trust can only be earned and that is why at Guardian Trust our personal relationships with our clients remain as central to our business as they did with our first clients more than a century ago.

Our Services

At Guardian Trust we provide an impressive range of financial services in the personal wealth management, philanthropic and corporate sectors. We offer a bespoke and tailored service to suit our clients’ needs.


We take a different approach to your wealth, we look after you.

The desire to safeguard and grow your wealth for your later years and future generations has not changed. But what’s changed is the complexity of that wealth and the options available to manage and protect it as we get older. We’ve looked after thousands of New Zealanders since our beginnings in the 1800s, understanding that the task might be complex and often emotional and that the options available can seem daunting. We have worked hard to develop professional and dedicated services that are delivered by a team of financial advisers, estate planning solicitors, trust managers and a dedicated investment management team. Together this group provides clarity on your financial and estate planning options to meet your needs, particularly at retirement and the years to follow.

We aim to help you be comfortable in retirement with the lifestyle you are accustomed to so you can achieve everything you want, and to safeguard the legacy you pass on to those important to you.

Find out more about our services for individuals and families.


In an increasingly global world, organisations are looking for a trustee who they can be sure will facilitate the most effective and efficient transactions.

Our track record is impressive.  Guardian Trust, is a leading corporate trustee in New Zealand with funds under supervision of NZ$71 billion and with over 50% market share in KiwiSaver.


Wanting to make the world a better place requires having the means, determination and passion to make it happen. Whether you are an individual, a family, a for-profit company or a not-for-profit organisation, creating an enduring legacy for your philanthropy and an appreciable difference for your community requires more than a good intention.

Unlike giving a one off lump sum, we can help support your chosen charities in perpetuity ensuring your wealth continues to make a difference in the long-term, even after you have gone. We can also support not-for-profits with long-term financial planning based on our specialist experience of the sector.

We currently administer an extensive portfolio of charitable trusts, some of which date back more than 100 years.  We are also responsible for a wide range of Awards and Scholarships including the prestigious Rose Hellaby Award.

Find out more about our Philanthropy services.

Our History

Guardian Trust was formed by a special Act of Parliament, the New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Act 1982, that merged the trust operations of South British Guardian Trust, formed in 1882, with the NZI Trust Department, authorised as a trustee company in 1916. The primary operation of these companies was as trustee, acting for their clients in the growth and protection of their wealth. This continues to be the core competency of Guardian Trust today.

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